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The Procrastination Beast…

January 10th, 2018 Comments off
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verb (used with object), procrastinated, procrastinating.
1. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.


I’m currently on holiday with my family and thought that whilst the kids are playing Minecraft on separate devices, dinner is in the oven, and I’ve got some time to myself I thought it would be a great opportunity to start getting into some of those things I’ve put off for months.


No such luck. The procrastination beast has come and settled in.


We all procrastinate from time to time, putting off those things we need to do; or those things we tell ourselves are important and should get to.


There are a number of reasons why we procrastinate:

  1. Insufficient structure
  2. The task isn’t fun
  3. Timing and the link to risk or reward
  4. Anxiety fuelled avoidance
  5. Lack of confidence in one’s ability to succeed

Ordinarily I’d call one of my many smart colleagues or friends and after a few minutes I’d find the inspiration I need to get back into it. There are many different techniques to get past the beast, however, today I’ve decided to kick-back, relax and embrace the lack of motivation.


After all, I’m on holiday.

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Molly Crabapple’s 15 rules for creative success in…

November 5th, 2015 Comments off
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image of Molly Crabapples self portrait

I found these great rules for creative success from Molly Crabapple via Richard Kadrey’s tumbler. I think a lot of these apply to most industries… I’ve a few favourites #6 and #8 are most relevant



1. The number one thing that would let more independent artists exists in America is a universal basic income. The number one thing that has a possibility of happening is single payer healthcare. This is because artists are humans who need to eat and live and get medical care, and our country punishes anyone who wants to go freelance and pursue their dream by telling them they might get cancer while uninsured, and then not be able to afford to treat it.

2. Companies are not loyal to you. Please never believe a company has your back. They are amoral by design and will discard you at a moment’s notice. Negotiate aggressively, ask other freelancers what they’re getting paid, and don’t buy into the financial negging of some suit.

3. I’ve cobbled together many different streams of income, so that if the bottom falls out of one industry, I’m not ruined. My mom worked in packaging design. When computers fundamentally changed the field, she lost all her work. I learned from this.

4. Very often people who blow up and become famous fast already have some other sort of income, either parental money, spousal money, money saved from another job, or corporate backing behind the scenes. Other times they’ve actually been working for 10 years and no one noticed until suddenly they passed some threshold. Either way, its good to take a hard look- you’ll learn from studying both types of people, and it will keep you from delusional myth-making.

5. I’ve never had a big break. I’ve just had tiny cracks in this wall of indifference until finally the wall wasn’t there any more

6. Don’t be a dick. Be nice to everyone who is also not a dick, help people who don’t have the advantages you do, and never succumb to crabs in the barrel infighting.

7. Remember that most people who try to be artists are kind of lazy. Just by busting your ass, you’re probably good enough to put yourself forward, so why not try?

8. Rejection is inevitable. Let it hit you hard for a moment, feel the hurt, and then move on.

9. Never trust some Silicon Valley douchebag who’s flush with investors’ money, but telling creators to post on their platform for free or for potential crumbs of cash. They’re just using you to build their own thing, and they’ll discard you when they sell the company a few years later.

10. Be a mercenary towards people with money. Be generous and giving to good people without it.

11. Working for free is only worth it if its with fellow artists or grassroots organizations you believe in, and only if they treat your respectfully and you get creative control.

12. Don’t ever submit to contests where you have to do new work. They’ll just waste your time, and again, only build the profile of the judges and the sponsoring company. Do not believe their lies about “exposure”. There is so much content online that just having your work posted in some massive image gallery is not exposure at all.

13. Don’t work for free for rich people. Seriously. Don’t don’t don’t. Even if you can afford to, you’re fucking over the labor market for other creators. Haggling hard for money is actually a beneficial act for other freelancers, because it is a fight against the race to the bottom that’s happening online.

14. If people love your work, treat them nice as long as they’re nice to you.

15. Be massively idealistic about your art, dream big, open your heart and let the blood pour forth. Be utterly cynical about the business around your art.


The Internet will not save creators.

Social media will not save us. Companies will not save us. Crowd-funding will not save us. Grants will not save us. Patrons will not save us.

Nothing will save us but ourselves and each other.

Now make some beautiful things.

-Molly Crabapple

Are we taking fear too far?

November 17th, 2010 Comments off
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Has the fear mania that seems to engulf every day of our lives gone too far? Do we really need the security theatre that is crammed down our throats, or poked up are nethers, or do we need to man up to society and accept that there are bad (and stupid) people out there who want to do bad (or stupid) things and we can be less paranoid about it and make intelligent, considered decisions? –

Is it the security theatre and the hype it generates the cause of an increased “incidents”, are people using this media induced heightened awareness as an excuse to check their brain out and abdicate commonsense and decisions on what and what isn’t safe to others, or are we just getting more and more stupid?

Food for thought.

UPDATE: I love it when someone tests the stupidity of some of these things.

Upgraded theme has b0rked parts of site.

June 20th, 2010 1 comment
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In my rush to play silly buggers with WordPress 3.0 I was silly enough to automatically upgrade all my themes, including the one I customised 🙁 I’ll be trying to get it back up and running as soon as I can. In the interim, please enjoy the plain old iNove Theme.

UPDATE: most of site and customised theme is back. I want to add editing css stylesheets is not fun.

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Is this thing on?

April 19th, 2010 Comments off
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It has been a while between posts. I’ve been flat out with my new role and coming to grips with how far down the rabbit hole I can go on each opportunity I work on. Whilst I’ve been on this exploratory journey blogging has taken a back seat.

I’ve got a few posts sitting in the “draft” file waiting for me to get the headspace to do them justice; some little more than a page of bullet points.

Hang in there, I’ll be getting back on the horse soon.

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