VMware – What is Cloud Computing?

krusty.jpegWell, if you saw the Cisco, VMware and EMC presentation I went to yesterday, the view  of Mike DiPetrillo from VMware is something like

an elastic/dynamic and interoperable environment.

That is, it is only “cloud” if it is fully flexible, fully scalable and fully portable.. Oh, and only if it “runs on VMware” that is.

The main catch cry was “don’t care”. The closer you get to Don’t care the closer to cloud you are. I struggled with that as I am a Network Engineer first, security bigot second and at the end of the day I’m the poor monkey that needs to build this stuff. However I can see where it was going, the better the abstraction, flexibility and freedom the less organisations need to care HOW it’s done, and can worry more about SLAs and focusing on their core business.

Whilst I understood and agreed with what Mike had to say, I still believe it’s a limited view.

UPDATE: VMware announced acquisition of Spring Source.. Will be interesting to see where this takes them.