Cisco EOS.. Come again?

ciscoCisco just announced their EOS platform today. Stepping up from a just supplying building blocks, Cisco now move into the Software as a Service (SaaS) space.

I’m still trying to get by head around this one but at first glance I think can see where it’s going. Cisco and Warner team up, build up a content management platform and then offer it to other Media and Entertainment providers, building themselves up into an online content provider (this is a SaaS offering afterall).

Cisco with their SOHO brand, Linksys, already play in the Home Media Network space, build the platforms and infrastructure that Telecommunication companies deliver their network on, and are starting to be big players in the Data Centre space. The next step would be to round it all off as a content provider too I suppose.

As @danieljbaird put it:

Cisco wants to move up the “value chain”, makes sense from their perspective. They want to sell business solns, not only technology. They don’t want to be a commodity.

Will be very interesting to see where Cisco goes with this. A lot of different players in the market are ramping up their content delivery capabilities in preparation for bigger badder better internet and whilst Cisco is partnered with some today, tomorrow could be a whole new game.