Cisco’s EOS platform to challenge MySpace

HeadphonesI came acrose this article “Cisco’s Eos Platform Could Challenge MySpace.” via a tweet from @padmasree (Cisco’s CTO).

The quoted quote I love is below:

Cisco CEO John Chambers told reporters that he believes the Eos platform will ultimately transform the entertainment industry’s business model by introducing new revenue opportunities online.

Not wanting to be narrow-minded, I still feel the need to rant a little as on the surface this is nothing new. It’s looks just like any other site that offers musicians the ability to template up their website and provide some nice widgets that can be used across multiple sites (I’ve been using ReverbNation for this for some time now). Offering the ability to allow artists to do “special” promotions?!?!?! Guys, are you serious?

Having a small insight into the psychie of the musician, a lot will jump on this as soon as they can, not wanting to miss the boat, however others will instantly shun this as it is related to Warner Music regardless of what it can offer them (that said this would generally be the hardcore independant variety with a loyal fanbase of 3).

In my own opinion what they need to do is take this idea, add some API integration (where possible) for other major sites and types, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, Typeface, etc so that musicians have 1 portal that they go to where they update information.

Honestly, if Cisco did that, musicians would flock to them like there is no tomorrow. I can tell you that updating 50 different music sites is a tiring task, even when split up amongst band members.

Just like the corporate world, we want 1 interface, 1 true source of information, oh and we want it for free 😉


Given that this is Cisco and Warner together with potentially a few other major players, I’m sure that they have already thought of all this and need somewhere to start.

And if anyone has the Data Centre capacity and ability to take on such a venture, it’s Cisco.