Cloud vs. Cloud Computing

Reading a brief rant from Reuven Cohen on the use of The Cloud and Cloud Computing as synonyms for each other, with the follow-up complaint on how marketing has gotten their claws into the terminology as well, re-branding all in their path ( the last reminded me of a previous rant of my own).

Just to clear things up. If I refer to “Cloud” or “The Cloud” I’m referring to an Internet, or at the very least a hosted, solution, where as references to “Cloud Computing” I’m referring to the NIST defined beast, that being, an on-demand; elastic; heterogeneously accessed; resource-pooling; measured service.

A note to the clourerati: Try working for a telco, everything is in the cloud. Trust me when I say that sales don’t really care about the semantics when landing a deal. Just ensure that the customers requirements are met.

I now return you to your regular program.