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Photo-Social MedDISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of this site are those of Ian Krieger and are not in anyway those of my employer.

I have worked in the Information Technology space since ‘94 (and that was purely by accident). moving about disciplines and specialisations but seeming to stick with some degree of a security focus, well that and wanting to see what that new bit of technology can do.

From time to time I call myself a technologist, but never take the evangelical approach. I prefer to look at the practical applications of technology as opposed to the ’shiny’.

In 2011 I became the Unisys ES (Enterprise Services) Lead Architect; supporting their bid activities and working to actively drive Enterprise and Business Architecture with their APAC and Japan business. More recently I have also shifted into a regional Chief Technology Officer role for Asia Pacific and Japan.  Prior to that I was the Lead Security Architect for  Telstra’s Enterprise and Government division. I have held other positions such as Senior Architect for new business and was a Principal Architect for  strategic accounts. If you really care, go look me up here: au.linkedin.com/in/iankrieger/

These days I’m playing more and more in the commercial and governance space and less and less in the technical hands dirty stuff, and I ‘m still not sure if I like that just yet but giving it a really good go.

There is a never ending array of certifications and credentials that seem to come and go with this industry and I still have a few, but I prefer to not worry too much about them other than to have some in the back pocket for those who believe them to be paramount.

As for what I want to do with myself. Like most individuals I don’t really know, something like what I do know with less stress would be nice.

What I do when not working

Ice cream sundays and long walks on the beach… Just kidding I hate both of those.


I tend to spend what little spare time I have now with my family the rest is currently taken up with he pursuit of a Masters in Business; it was the MBT now has merged with the MBA programme to become an MBA Technology.

At the end of 2014 I was privileged to participate in the development of a Services marketing case study for UNSW’s Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)


Previously I have been know to get out and about with Sydney South Coast group – Honest John and the iconic Sydney Mod band from the 80’s – The Mustard Club (No I wasn’t born when they first start touring, I’m a recent ring-in); and Malpractice (subset of the mustard club guys) to have a wail on the drums and a bit of a sing.


Honest John released their debut EP “Better Days” in late 2007. I think a few copies are still available 😉


PGP Key –

In the off chance you’re looking for it, this is my public PGP key.

Why this site?

This is really a place for me to put my half complete thoughts and random musings. There used to be a more random and very much more personal version I maintained, but after a year of no updates I decided to retire it.

Why the name? I think I’ve spent too much time reading Dr Seuss to my children and it finally rubbed off. It’s is also so people know that this isn’t a SERIOUS industry commentary by any stretch of the imagination.

I use this itteration to force myself to articulate my thoughts clearly; things that I need to either discuss with customers, co-workers or management. More recently it has allowed me to keep my hand in the industry, whilst I am currently less technically focused, and give me something to keep my brain ticking over.