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I have worked in the Information Technology space since ‘94 (and that was purely by accident). moving about disciplines and specialisations but seeming to stick with some degree of a security focus, well that and wanting to see what that new bit of technology can do.

From time to time I call myself a technologist, but never take the evangelical approach. I prefer to look at the practical applications of technology as opposed to the ’shiny’.

In 2015 I moved to IBM as a Senior Consultant which was a much needed change from jet-setting around the world. Prior to this I’ve been a lot of things; a regional Chief Technology Officer; a Head of Solutions; an Enterprise Architect; and even a Consultant. If you really care, go look me up here: au.linkedin.com/in/iankrieger/

These days I’m playing more and more in the commercial and governance space and less and less in the technical hands dirty stuff, and I ‘m still not sure if I like that just yet but giving it a really good go.

There is a never ending array of certifications and credentials that seem to come and go with this industry and I still have a few, but I prefer to not worry too much about them other than to have some in the back pocket for those who believe them to be paramount.

As for what I want to do with myself. Like most individuals I don’t really know, something like what I do know with less stress would be nice.

What I do when not working

Ice cream sundays and long walks on the beach… Just kidding I hate both of those.


I recently finished an MBA (Technology) during which I was privileged to participate in the development of a Services marketing case study for UNSW’s Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) as part of the curriculum.

I’ve had a few people strongly suggest I consider doing a Doctorate, though I’m not sure I’ve the headspace for that.


I had, off and on, put some thought and effort into this site. Currently I’m working with a couple of very smart people on a book. Unlike writing a rant piece here, I’ve got to be considered and thoughtful.. so not very much happens.


Previously I have been know to get out and about with Sydney South Coast group – Honest John and the iconic Sydney Mod band from the 80’s – The Mustard Club (No I wasn’t born when they first start touring); and Malpractice (subset of the mustard club guys) to have a wail on the drums and a bit of a sing.

This doesn’t happen as much as I’d like and more often that not it’s teaching my children than getting some practice or jam time in.



Why this site?

This is really a place for me to put my half complete thoughts and random musings. There used to be a more random and very much more personal version I maintained, but after a year of no updates I decided to retire it.

Why the name? I think I’ve spent too much time reading Dr Seuss to my children and it finally rubbed off. It’s is also so people know that this isn’t a SERIOUS industry commentary by any stretch of the imagination.

I use this itteration to force myself to articulate my thoughts clearly; things that I need to either discuss with customers, co-workers or management. More recently it has allowed me to keep my hand in the industry, whilst I am currently less technically focused, and give me something to keep my brain ticking over.


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