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The (not so) glamorous life of travel

July 14th, 2013 Comments off
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BOZigqrCUAA_V5qThe one thing that constantly puzzles me is the amount of people who say “wow, you travel a lot for work!” and then follow up with “how exciting it must be” or “how important you are to travel a lot”. My response is always, try it for 2 months and you will never want to travel again. I’m always reminded of a conversation I had with a colleague and friend about this very subject; whilst we were both separately on the road and on the phone together lamenting travel. He punctuated this by describing his dinner on said trip home being a sandwich purchased at a road stop. Glamorous indeed.

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Simple things

July 25th, 2009 Comments off
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Dashiell learnt to walk on Thursday, I missed it because I was… well at work. Very bummed about that to be honest. However it seems that he’s freaked himself out enough from doing it that he’s refused to do it again since (well any more that a single step). Hoping to have him running about soon.

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